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Welcome to our adopt-a-trail reports section for Holcomb Creek Trail in the San Bernardino National Forest, just outside of Fawnskin, California. On average, many in our group of now 60+ head out once a month during the spring, summer and fall to patrol, clean up and check for maintenance needs. What do we need from you? It's easy and fun for the whole family. Join us on cleanup runs - there's a job for anyone of any age. Find out more and sign up here on the forums.

Dams, stakes, and crossings

On April 26, 2014, four AAT crew members -Kurt, Roger, Steve, and Ryan met to do AAT work on Holcomb Creek. After a quickly moving snow storm dropped 4-6″ of snow over night, the morning met us with sunny skies and cool weather. After conducting our safety meeting near the Fawnsking Fire station, we headed […]

  • 04 / 2014

Trees, trash and trimmings

Russ, Scott, and Myself headed to Holcomb for a reconnaissance/work day on Holcomb. Over all the trail held up very well from the recent storm. There are a few items we need to address and Russ made a detailed list and should be posting it soon. We removed trash, 2 fallen trees from the trail, […]

  • 03 / 2014

Trail Report

Went up to Holcomb to do a quick run of the trail and assess any vandalism of the trail and road marker signs. I’m pleased to say they are all in good condition, no vandalism. But the stickers are not UV friendly and are peeling off at several locations. The East creek crossing is nice […]

  • 02 / 2014

Maintenance run to 3N93 05/07/2011

I went up to Holcomb on Friday, 5/6 to do some clean up work on the trail. I sent the day cleaning up felled trees and removing some from the trail. I spend a total of 8 hours on Friday. Saturday, Chuck and Nick met with me at Fawnskin and we headed up to do […]

  • 05 / 2011

Workday Report – Waterbar

By Russ | Art (AW12345) and I started the 3N93 workday by digging a ditch and building a water bar to divert the water that was flowing along the east end of the trail. We continued along the trail to inspect the work that we had done during the two previous workdays. I am pleased to report that the water has drained from the east creek crossing, and the rocks that line the trail are once again above the water level. The western rock garden is dry. The water flow has been greatly reduced in the middle rock garden, although there is still is some water in the rock garden from seeps along the trail. The work that we did to the off camber shelf is intact.

  • 05 / 2010

Trail Maintenance Report

Russ, Tom, Randall and Ryan worked to divert and clear blocked stream crossings and cut back brush along 3N93. Major clearing of the stream crossing at the rock garden was performed to repair stream hydrology and divert the flow from entering directly into the rock garden. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • 05 / 2010

Work day recap

By Ryan | Six MJR AAT crew members installed two gabion baskets along the off camber shelf section of 3N93. Sharon, Kurt, Mat, Russ, Nick and Ryan filled two medium size gabion baskets utilizing the USFS trailer to haul rocks. Four separate trailer loads were required to completely fill the baskets. The gabion baskets greatly improved the sluff off from the shelf itself and helped widen the trail in this area. This section of trail is now safe to pass through, yet still norrow enough to present a challenge. Thanks to all who attended…and all those who managed to work through the pain of smahsed fingers (Sharon & Russ)!

  • 05 / 2010

Water Diversion

By Russ | On Sunday, May 2, 2010 Nick (USMC 0369), Tom (Black & Tan TJ) and myself (Russ Chung) started at the west end of 3N93. Our first project was to divert the water so that it would not run down the trail through the west rock garden. A picture of the water running down the trail taken during the April 25 work day follows. We cleared a channel near the top of the rock garden to divert the water from the trail. The water diversion had an immediate, dramatic effect on the amount of water running through the rock garden. This picture was taken from the same spot as the previous week after we diverted the water (follows).

  • 05 / 2010

Holcomb Creek AAT Day Recap

Our AAT work day on Holcomb Creek began with our usally safety meeting at the Fawnskin Fire Station. Our work group consisded of Tom (Black&Tan TJ), Doug + Tracy(FishPoet), Jason (Jason), Mat (Matterdaddy), Russ (Russ Chung), Nick + Barb (USMC 0369), Jim (Forest Grump), and myself + wife, Ryan + Cathy (Hook&Ladder). Four addtional AAT volunteers also met us to assist our work efforts: Harold, Chris, JC, and Mandy. We decided to split into two work groups. The first group consisted of Tom, Jason, Mat, Nick + Barb, Jim, Harold, and Ryan + Cathy. This group set out to clear the trail of downed trees and mitgate hazards. The second group, led by Doug + Tracy, worked with Chris, JC, Mandy and Russ to work on arbor day “activities.”

  • 04 / 2010

Holcomb Workday November

By Kurt | We spent the day moving a rock on Holcomb. That would be called Nick’s rock from now on because he’s the one who chose the damn thing. Let’s put it this way, if it was to somehow fall on a Jeep, you would be able to roll the jeep up on a toilet paper roll, that’s how flat it would be. But it fit right where we wanted it, and makes a very nice addition to the other 100 or so boulders we’ve planted in our garden so far. The girls on the other hand moved a substantial amount of bouldreage. Two girls did more work than 5 guys!

  • 10 / 2009

Oct 3rd & 4th Holcomb Creek Work Report

By Ryan | What a wonderful two days doing AAT work on Holcomb Creek! On Saturday, October 3rd, six AAT members, Chuck, Alycia, Nick, Jason, Cathy, and Ryan worked eight long hours repairing the stream crossing on the east end of 3N93. The day started off with our safety meeting at the Hanna Flats Camp Ground gate. While at the gate, we were met by a Bronco group led by a Forest Service Rep. They were go to do some archeological research on Holcomb Creek. With the forest service trailer in hand, our work party traveled toward the stream crossing to continue filling up the stream/pond with rocks.

  • 10 / 2009

Holcomb Water Crossing Workday Report

Rick, Tam, Chris, John and I arrived at the gate at 8:45 (on time!) and were greeted by most of the group! After hosting the safety meeting, Doug announced the plan for the day: to continue draining and fill in the remaining creek overflow at the 3N93 crossing. We used pickup and work trucks to […]

  • 09 / 2009

Holcomb Water Crossing Work

5 Hardworking Adopt-A-Trail volunteers; Chuck, Alycia, Doug, Cathy, and Ryan, worked an eleven hour work day on the Holcomb Creek trail moving rocks, mud, and even bigger rocks. The AAT day began with our safety meeting and breifing at the valero market/gas station. We traveled through green valley and stopped at the “west” entrance to […]

  • 08 / 2009

August Holcomb Creek Workday

By Ryan – Our Trail Maintenance day on the Holcomb Creek trail began with our safety meeting at the Valero gas station. Kurt, Chuck and Alicia, along with AAT leaders Ryan and Cathy traveled to the west entrance to the Holcomb Creek trail through Green Valley. Upon arrival, we found the fence/gate to the west […]

  • 08 / 2009