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Thread: Granite Mountains area 9-16-11

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    Trail - Easy Granite Mountains area 9-16-11

    I joined Roger today for a revisit and exploring trip around the Granite Mountains between Apple Valley and Lucerne. Awesome blue sky with temp hitting around 80'. It really is a nice time to be in the desert. We explored several springs and old building foundations along the way. We finished by heading out thru Fairview Valley, then Johnson Rd to Hwy 247, and finally stopping at Rogers son's house in "The Cove". We didn't see one person till the 5 12 hour point of our trip. A fun area to explore for anyone wanting a easy casual run. Thanks again for the great day Roger!


    Cool old concrete home. Notice the use of old cans instead of rebar. Strange. Lots of history about this place.

    Very nice spring, one of several in the area.

    Nice Jeep Roger!

    This one was a little too small for me.

    Great view and a great day

    Johnson Road

    Looking down on The Cove

    Roger's sons place

    A cool old relic at Rogers house.

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    Thanks for dragging me out today Mitch. I really needed to get out. I think my Jeep thought I ran away from home. It was a very relaxed trip today. We ended the day by having dinner at the best Mexican Restaruant in the desert - El Coyte Loco. I had sopas carnetas with rice & beans and Mitch had A wet pork burrito & a chile rellano. iMouy excelante!

    It feels like fall is in the air here in the Mojave, it's time to get out and explore more often.

    BTW the "relic" in my yard is my 1951 Crown travel trailer. I restored the interior, now it's time to restore the exterior...
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    The concrete home is in a book about Apple Valley. A long time ago There used to be a stream that ran down that Canyon to the homes below it. Mr. Hair dammed the stream which cut off the water to the homes below. When Mr. hair didn't show up in town for a few days somebody went looking for him and found him shot and the dam broken.

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    Thats the place Chris. I wish I new the date that that happened. Must have been a cool place once upon a time.


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